Our Mission

To provide integrated human capital and organizational development interventions that address real challenges faced by organizations and the South African economy through:

  • Program Design Monitoring and Evaluation 
  • Social facilitation & capacity building 
  • Human capital development, capacity building, community facilitation
  • Human resource process management
  • Organizational development 
  • Employee Assistance Programs

Guiding Priciples

  • Quality interventions are delivered if the interventions are aligned with organizational policies
  • Interventions become effective if they are in line with the organizational climate and culture 
  • Involvement of all role players is crucial in ensuring success of interventions
  • UPU firmly believes in designing interventions that take into account the organizational context. Hence all our interventions are designed according to the unique circumstances of client organizations and individuals
  • All the consultants delivering UPU interventions are highly qualified and experienced in the substantive area of the individual project

BEE Commitment

UPU is 100% black and female owned. UPU uses, on a part time basis, highly skilled associates from previously disadvantaged backgrounds, thereby advancing the agenda of Black Economic Empowerment.

UPU also offers opportunities to previously marginalized communities by engaging field workers from these communities, inter alia, contributing also to skills transfer and economic upliftment of immediate communities targeted by projects.