Unleash Potential Unlimited (UPU), represents a unique blend of three main areas, namely, Human Resource Process Management/ Program Design and Evaluation and Education Training and Human Capital Development. Underpinned by a solid academic background and practical experience, UPU delivers workable solutions to corporate / organizational challenges

Our Focus

· Design, Monitoring and Evaluation of Social Investment programs
· Capacity Building & Skills transfer
· Strategic Human Resource Process Management
· Design and implementation of Employee Wellness Programs
· Organizational Development Interventions
· Project/ program management

The Department wishes to acknowledge the invaluable skills transfer you imparted to our officials. The task team members also wish to thank you for your understanding of our environment, your team’s ability to comprehend our policies and the effort made to reflect them in your manuals. The patience that you exercised in many of our meetings, the recommendations proffered by yourselves- this has been an eye opener”
 - Ms. S Moruane- Director Social Work Services - Department of Correctional Services

Capacity to deliver on projects:

UPU has an impeccable record of timely delivery of high quality products. This UPU is able to do because although the company falls within the ambit of SMMEs, the company has access to a network of individual professionals, and has signed cooperation agreements with a number of consulting companies of similar interest. Before any project is undertaken, UPU constitutes a project team made of members with a distinguished track record in the substantive area of the project. The project team is always presented as part of the project implementation plan for the client organization to endorse.